Collaboration with Virtual i Technologies

Upcoming Trips

The decision has been made for our 2023 campaign to Ethiopia.

Our campaign will commence Saturday, 28th January for four weeks. Two weeks in Alem Tena (Bote) in the Oromia Region and two weeks in The Muhammed Akale Hospital in Southern Afar, Amibara.

Dr. Abu and Seid Idris will be our surgeons. Dr. Abu Beyene our ophthalmologist has asked we provide him with two operating tables. This will mean our patient numbers will be significantly increased, and Seid Idris, our cataract surgeon, will operate on one table.

We invisage with strong collaboration from The Regional Health Bureaus to insure we have many cataract patients available to us, which we will restore sight to more than 600 people during our campaign.

Thank you to all past and present sponsors.


We would like to especially recognise Virtual i Technologies with their ongoing support. The extra funding is allowing us to restore sight to many more people during our campaigns.

Virtual i Technologies’ corporate social responsibility project, “Today I See”, in support of their non-profit partner Eyes for Africa, supports those in need of critical medical treatment in Ethiopia who would otherwise have no chance of regaining their sight.

Putting humanity in the forefront of the core values, Virtual i Technologies cares for a social support purpose that extends beyond the mere provision of core services, reflecting the elevated role of visibility in society, literally. “Today I See” provides ophthalmic treatment as cataract surgeries to people living in Ethiopia who do not have access to standard medical treatments.