About Us

Eyes for Africa (EFA) is an Australian not-for-profit, non-government, non-denominational, sight-restoring charitable foundation founded in 2007 by Melbourne Ophthalmic nurse Julie Tyers who wanted to 'make a difference' by treating preventable blindness.

EFA's goal in each destination is to achieve 200 eye surgeries. Since 2007, the charity has performed surgeries on over 4000 cataracts, resulting in restored sight, and improved lives and livelihoods. EFA has a strong commitment to long term sustainability by training local Ethiopian cataract surgeons and setting them up in remote areas.

Whilst Julie is the driving force leading the organization, she is strongly supported by a volunteer committee and supporters from diverse backgrounds who share her vision and who work hard all year to raise money to fund Eyes for Africa's work in Ethiopia. For example, activities like our Gala Annual Event, the Eye Ball, and the annual production and sale of EFA Calendars. EFA also has private and corporate sponsors who fund the purchase of ophthalmic equipment required by EFA in the field.

Since 2007 Julie, who works full time as an ophthalmic nurse, has spent her holiday leave leading sight saving expeditions to Ethiopia. Whilst most people take a well earned rest in their holidays, Julie puts her expertise and energy into helping those without access to basic eye care. Julie says: “Here in Australia we take our excellent healthcare for granted and I couldn’t sit back any more and let people in Africa go blind without doing something about it.”

Annual visits, EFA travel to Ethiopia to deliver life-changing no-charge cataract surgery to men, women and children living in poverty in rural, remote Ethiopia who would otherwise have no chance of regaining their sight.